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A rare English flintlock blunderbuss. Ref 1022

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Largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in UK. See our website andrewbottomley.com. Ref 1022. A rare English flintlock blunderbuss with a brass barrel and a spring bayonet. Made by Sharpe. Circa 1820. The 14 inch brass barrel fitted with a spring bayonet that has a release catch on the upper tang and locks into a catch on the muzzle. The lock plate engraved with the makers name "SHARPE". Possibly the forerunner of SHARPE AND KEENE who are recorded as working in Gt Charles Street, Birmingham 1807-1811. Brass trigger guard and butt plate decorated with engraved foliage. The blunderbuss, which takes its name from the German term Donderbuschse (thunder gun) is a short-barreled firearm with a flared muzzle that made its appearance in the late 16th century. Originally intended for military purposes, these arms can be traced to 1598, when Germany's Henrich Thielman applied for a patent for a shoulder arm designed for shipboard use to repel enemy boarders. England's growing maritime power seems to have fueled production of these short bell-barrel arms, which were useful during close-up engagements between warships by enabling marines clinging in the ship's rigging to use them against the gun crews of opposing vessels. The guards on the British Royal mail coaches would later arm themselves with a blunderbuss for protection against the highway men whilst travelling with the mail during the period of 1788-1816. Overall length 30 inches. In good working order and condition with various minor dings and scratches mainly to the wood work and a old repair at the wrist. Ref 9556. This is an obsolete antique pistol and is sold as a collectors item only. No Licence is required in the United Kingdom. If you wish to purchase this item please visit our website andrewbottomley.com where you can pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer at no extra charge. Established 1968.


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